Postal Saving Bank

Postal Saving Bank


  • Photocopy of Nepali citizenship and form provided by the office. (download form)

  • Oldster citizen account can be opened if one has Postal Saving Bank account on behalf of oldster (70+ years).

  • To create account on behalf of immature child (under 16), the child's student ID or birth certificate and assistant's Nepali citizenship should be presented.

  • Account can be created with Rs 100/- and deposited up to 15 lakhs.

  • 6% interest in normal account and 7% interest in oldster citizen account annually will be provided. Tax will not be charged in earned interest

  • To withdraw money more than Rs 1,00,000/-, one should inform before 7 days.

  • Immature child's assistant can withdraw from account on behalf of the child. However, according to law, after the child becomes 16 years of age, account holder(child) should submit evidences in order to change his/her signature.

  • Joint account can be open between 2 or more person or Organization, as governed by law.

  • Rs. 25 will be charged on closing account.