All kinds of items can be sent as a parcel except items which are prohibited.


Parcel can be booked at counter of designated post offices. All parcels, which are intended for delivering in other countries, must be presented at the counter of the custom office. After completing custom's procedure and sealed by custom it will be booked.

Weight and Size

Weight Size
Domestic International Length Length + Girth
Air Parcel Surface Parcel Maximum: 10 to 31.5 kgs.
[Varies according to destination country's rule]
1 meter
1.8 meters
Up to 10 kgs.
Up to 20 kgs.


After the parcels are received at post office, addressee will be informed by issuing an intimation card. Addressee should come to the post office with the intimation card and an identity card to collect the parcel. If the parcel is from abroad, custom clearance is required.

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