1. Linking people, their communities and business by providing high quality postal services.


  1. Ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction through the use of new technology.
  2. Becoming operationally excellent and efficient.
  3. Anticipating changes and responding proactively.
  4. Fulfilling social obligations.


  1. Full dedication for understanding and satisfying customers' expectations.
  2. Equal treatment, respect and recognition to all customers.


General Post Office is a central office under the Postal Services Department, Government of Nepal. It is located in Dillibazar, which is the heart of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Its main responsibilities are:

Handling all inbound mail from foreign postal administration to Nepal.

Handling all outbound mail from Nepal to foreign postal administration.

Providing all types of postal services at its own premises and at different post offices and counters in Kathmandu district.

Delivering Letters, Parcel, EMS and other articles within the Kathmandu district.

Providing postal banking and money order services at its own counter.