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Raju Kunwar

Raju Kunwar

Chief Postmaster

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Postal services are still an integral part of the day-to-day lives of peoples around the world, even the communication gets advancement day by day. We witness the great shift from paper, mails to e-mails and the changing trend of e-commerce around the globe.

Nepal's postal service has been trying to harmonize with the trend set by the tech innovations. Private courier and cargo operator seem front runners to replace the postal services. But we should realize that the posts serve every corner of people's lives. Our post person reaches all the geographies and locations. In a real sense, they serve the people of the country.

We should admit that Nepal is a little behind using new communication technologies. Nevertheless, it has in some recent years tried to come forward to meet the minimum standards of the Universal Postal Services.

Nepal Post, which is the second-largest government network to touch all the people in Nepal has its presence in rural and urban areas. Thus, it has great potential to be used in the Nepal government's service delivery system. The only need is to meet the quality and standard of service provided through it.

There is much to do to win the customer's heart. Nepal post has to take the step as per the need of time. We should have to enter into e-commerce as well. We have to expand our postal savings banking services. We should enhance track and trace facilities. We must advance on the delivery and distribution as well. Likewise, we have to follow the guideline that the Universal Postal Union advises for standard global postal practices.

To fulfill all these needs, a great commitment is required. Only efficient, effective, and honest actions pave the way for our survival.